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The Reviews about Nike Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic

Catch (8.5/10): This Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic Uses a large area of translucent outer bottom matching the lines of fish bone (human word). In the clean indoor wooden floor field, the outer bottom grip is very solid, without any swipe, at the same time the translucent outer bottom is not easily stained with dust, and the dust does not affect the catch. The performance of a pair of 28-Year-old sneakers in the end of a 28-Year-Old Sneaker is expected to be seen by today’s standard.

Slow-down (3/10): although the aj5 took the air and the back of the air, there was also obvious visible air, but the slow-down performance was completely not, and it was simply a piece of hard-blown bricks…

Reaction (8/10): the hard-to-be slow-down shock is replaced by an unyielding reaction performance, and the power is accompanied by the fact that it will not affect the conduction of power because of the pressure of the middle bottom, and in addition, the design of the bottom Not too high

Bag (7/10): Air Jordan 5‘s Main shoes used large size leather, shoe tongue and uppers part used plastic. In the part of the shoe head, it will clearly feel that the toes are also redundant (even if i wear a half-code), plus the more hardened properties of the leather itself, it clearly feels the pain of the toe to the head of the shoe. The part of the middle-foot is able to match the footed. As for the filler of the ankle and the shoe tongue, it is very good to be able to feel that the aligned is very good. However, there is nothing much to do with the laces attached to the sneakers…

Support (8/10): in the part of the ” Bag Review it was mentioned that the aj5 uppers used large-size leather and thick ankle filling, which made the aj5 a very nice support, and the sneakers in the field. No obvious inflected. However, aj5 is missing the design of outrigger, the width of the outer bottom and the bottom is similar to the width of the bottom, which makes people feel relieved, but there is nothing.

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