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Nike KD 11 shoes are equipped for the new season well

As the trading market has made the West Coast competition more intense, Kevin Durant, the most valuable player in the two consecutive finals, will face even greater challenges in the coming season. And the weapon on his feet, of course, must be improved in combat effectiveness. Nike React plus the full set of Zoom Air this combination, it sounds very lethal, after the actual combat is it worthy of the name or the last name is too real?

Flyknit still covers the entire upper, but this time the straps return to the traditional style, only the instep part of the adjustment, no previous generation from the outside to the inside, the entire foot will be tightened by the shoelace and additional pressure. After putting on Nike KD 11, I feel a little familiar. It is difficult to put on first, but when I put it in, the heel of the shoe seems to return to the KD 9 wrap. I believe it will not be so easy to get rid of the shoes! As for the shoe cage, there are not many vacancies, and a pair of basketball socks of normal thickness can be used.

In addition, the focus is of course on cushioning. Nike Epic React, introduced last year, can not be reinforced this year. A layer of Nike React is laid under the full Zoom Air. I was very excited when I heard this configuration, and I can imagine how high the resilience can be.

After the test, it is a little different than the imagination. The previous generation of KD X is also the full palm Zoom Air, but the instep is pressed lower, and the usual way can feel the sticky ground, which is called low to the ground or Court feel. As for the generation of KD XI’s shoebed, there is a layer of Nike React cushioning. The whole person is padded. When you need to press the pressure to press the game, you can feel the feedback, or the player with more weight. Easily enjoy the instant comfort of KD XI.

The heel lock is unexpectedly excellent. In fact, it is not easy to put on the foot. It is conceivable that the situation of dropping the shoes in the game is relatively low. In terms of foot and foot protection, the Flyknit near the foot is softer, mainly relying on the heel. This time, the stability provided is relatively strong, so it is particularly impressive. On the Outrigger side, the inside and outside are also very round and not too prominent. So the scores in this link will not be given too high.

The toe cap is harder than the previous generation. It can also be said to strengthen the upper protection. The reason is the distribution of Flyknit. The KD X is mainly used for the softer Flyknit. The toe can easily swing up and down in the shoe cage. It is also apparent that the extension of Flyknit can be seen. On the contrary, the toes swing up and down in the KD XI shoe cage, and the amplitude of the upper is not too large, and it is not obvious. The softer Flyknit only remains in the instep of the KD XI to the collar, while the toe is thicker.

The texture of the sole is relatively simple this time, even less than the line of the Nike Air Force 1, but each pit pattern is not too shallow, and it is still acceptable for the indoor field test. The curvature of the arc is also very helpful for steering, so it is estimated that the overall durability will not be bad.
Overall, although it is not easy to feel the strong feedback of the full Zoom Air + Nike React in the whole game, KD XI can always provide powerful support when shooting. The only pity is the pull ring of the heel. The original intention is to wear it easily. It can be used as a force to wear and tear. However, in actual combat, whenever the movement is too aggressive, it will often be worn to the heel position, and there will be discomfort in the room. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear socks, and there is a proper thickness, so that it can be improved a little better!

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