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Nike Kobe 8 Performance Reviews

As I’ve been twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Nike KD 11 to come out, I decided to write this review for the Kobe 8. This is probably one of the most requested reviews I get asked to do.We will take more reviews about latest sneakers.

Pros: traction, cushioning, fit, stability, containment, low to the ground nimble feel

Cons: low walls on insole causes some pinching between upper and insole, very squeaky insoles (not really a con just a note)

Best for: light on their feet guards


10.5 ounces which is pretty much lighter than anything out there the past few years including the Nike Air Max 95 which weighed 12 ounces.


Fantastic traction even with this semi translucent outsole. I’ve never had a major issue with these even on dusty floors and if you’re one of those believers that the squeakier the better you’ll love these. Minimal wiping on dusty floors, great bite when clean.


The second year of the Kobe system features a full length Lunarlon drop in insole. It’s comfortable and feels very low to the ground which a lot of players will like. I like the minimal feel but it isn’t for me in the long term especially with neuromas in my feet. You can pinch through the forefoot cushioning fairly easily which shows how low to the ground the 8 plays. One of my teammate who is a marathon runner loved the 8 after I recommended it to him just because I knew it fit his game and his preferences. In his own words it felt like a running shoe.

I do not like the low walls on this drop in bc of the pinching but it isn’t something that makes or breaks the shoe for me, just an annoyance.

As with all Lunarlon set ups, the lifespan of the cushioning is short relative to Boost and Zoom but even in its deadened state, it doesn’t feel bad since it is directly underfoot but it just doesn’t spring back like it used to. No aches or pains with this old set up of course your mileage will vary depending on your fitness and flexibility level. As I said in my 360 review, I think the 360 cushioning is better, more refined and definitely much quieter. The squeakiness of the Kobe 8 is almost comical when walking around.


True to size for everyone.. isn’t that simple?

Zero heel slip out of the box no issues fit wise at all. Just a nice extension of the foot. Nike does the fit on lows better than everyone else, sorry Nike haters.


Engineered mesh. No fancy moniker aside from the word “engineered”. When Nike says FLY or ELITE anything then you know it’s their premium product. The upper works fine with no pinching or weird flexing or even any real break in time.

You can see that “engineered” means strengthened by ribs to give just enough flexibly but retain strength

What if the 8 was made of Flyknit? Really not any difference, maybe it sits a hair or two closer to your skin but it doesn’t make the shoe play any different. It might feel softer but does that equate to anything measurable ? Did your feet fatigue faster because of engineered mesh? If so, please go work out.

Support and stability

Since this is a low support comes from the fit and heel counter. No issues here at all with the firm heel counter and excellent fit.

Midfoot support is also good with a carbon fiber shank (are you listening NXT 360 or Mamba Instinct/rage)

You can see I can only bend the forefoot of the 8 thanks to the shank

Stability is excellent as well due to a very flat outsole and low to the ground set up plus a super tiny outrigger.

I really liked how stable and low the 8 feels and had zero fear wearing these during physical or meaningful games. Great job Nike!


No issues here aside from insole pinching since they raised the external “midsole”.


The Kobe 8 is an extremely fun runner like shoe that virtually every person I know enjoys. It is one of those shoes that makes you feel faster even if you really aren’t moving any quicker than normal. It is probably the closest thing to a running shoe made for hoops that you’ll ever find.

It doesn’t feature the newest cushioning set up or the latest and greatest upper material but it gets the basics right with a very low silhouette and weight which is why it plays like a true low. Full range of motion up top with a nice stable base gives us the best of both worlds.

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Nike Kobe I Protro Performance Reviews

One of the Nike’s big marketing points with the Protro was that they “shaved some weight”. “Shaved” means added weight apparently. Remember the Protro is slightly smaller too. My All Star pair weights 17.5 ounces so half an ounce could just be due to manufacturing tolerances. And if an ounce to half an ounce bothers you, put down your baby bottle and pick up a dumbbell.


Same as the original which is a great thing. No major motion picture story telling just nice deep multi directional herringbone.

This Nike Shoes took a little bit of time to break In and get rid of some of that residue off the rubber. Traction “technology” hasn’t improved at all over the past two or three decades but marketing and design style has. Awesome job Nike? Ok awesome job Nike.


This is the biggest change in the Protro from the original. The original featured a large heel Zoom and and a standard met bag in the forefoot . (I didn’t know it was a met bag and I’ve been playing in them for over a decade. Gotta love the world wide internet)

The Protro uses a full length Zoom unit instead and is thinner than what you get with heel and zoom and most full length Zoom ( 8mm is typical) but still feels good.

It is not as bouncy feeling as the Zoom BB or even AJ 12 (I really need to review all the relevant Jordans but no time) but it’s a great blend of fun, impact protection and court feel.

From the OG, not much of a difference other than the nicer feel in transition but the original is pretty damn smooth as well. The reduced amount of carbon fiber in the Protro really made no difference in transition either probably because the full length Zoom made up for the shorter carbon fiber shank.

Once again, “new technology” from Nike means technology that has been around twenty years so nothing actually “new” except the shoe and marketing. Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed the cushioning.


I’m not sure if this was done on purpose but the protro runs a little shorter than the original. the good news is that the original ran a little long so maybe this was to correct it? Well I bought a 10.5 just like the original and despite the slightly shorter length they fit just fine for me and still left me with a little less than finger width at the toe. My true size is an 11 so I still feel these run a little long true to size.

If you want a little more space for your feet, go with your true size. The thing about having some padding in a shoe is that it can adapt to different feet without throwing the fit totally off. I can go up half a size and not feel like my foot is sliding everywhere even if it’s larger than my preference. FWIW, I have one pair of OGs in a size 11 and although it runs big it still fits and plays great.

Anyhoo, the Kobe I uses a standard lacing system no asymmetry or anything like that. No heel slip. No movement side to side. No need to sell “lacing technological advances” because there really isn’t any.


A little stiffer suede and leather than the original but all in all it’s pretty accurate to the original. It does require some break in in this colorway but that’s to be expected.

After break in time that stiffness is just the right balance of flexibity and strength which is pretty much what shoe companies have been trying to accomplish with synthetics and knits for the past five years. If you didn’t read this before, the changes in materials aren’t “solely” about performance, it’s about profit.

Support and stability

Just like the OG, it might be a mid cut but it’s very flexible around the ankle so don’t expect any stilts holding your ankles together. There is plenty of flexibility for full range of motion.

Midfoot support

Although Nike removed about half of the carbon fiber, using a full length zoom bag pretty much evens things out. No unnecessary flexing at the midfoot even with less carbon fiber.


The teeth will tear as you play in these, there is no way around it so just dab some super glue when it starts to tear.


As far as performance, there is a reason I still use the OG and Nike did a great job replicating it. It does everything very well from traction to containment and has just the right amount of bounce to make the cushioning fun yet balanced without being mushy.Or you will like these most popular Nike LeBron 16 shoes.

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Nike clothes VaporMax in Barcelona colors

Nike Air Vapormax 2.0 Triple White is an updated version of the very successful Air VaporMax that came back in 2016. This version comes with a higher collar, heel cap and heel strap that helps you get the sneaker on and off. The upper part is still made in the incredibly lightweight Flyknit material that embraces your foot and ensures a tight fit. The bottom consists of a groundbreaking, translucent air sole that provides world-class shock absorption and reminds you of the constant air revolution that Tinker Hatfield started back in 1987.
The upper part of this specific edition is dressed in the famous Blaugrana colors, which have also embellished FC Barcelona’s home jersey for over 100 years. The blue / red top is complemented by a gold Swoosh on the side and a blackout air sole.
If you want to get your fingers in the Nike VaporMax, you can purchase it via the link below. Keep an eye on Retrojordannew for more Nike news, and click past our user-friendly Release Calendar, where you can see which sneakers will be released in the near future.

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Air Jordan 5 NRG “Grape” will be drop soon for 2018

Air Jordan 5 Grape is one of the most popular colors in the Air Jordan 5 series of shoes. Its color blends with the retro style of white, purple and light green in the early 90s, making this “Grape” The sale has attracted attention from all walks of life.It was because of the high attention paid to the color of this shoe at the time that Will Smith also appeared in the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” wearing the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” in his youth. Since then, Jordan Brand has said that the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” will return in 2018. At present, the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” color matching new shoes have been exposed. The overall color and shoe design shown in the picture are not much different from the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” which was released earlier. The design of the perforated lacing is converted to a non-porous lacing version, and the design inspiration is also derived from the way that early Will Smith wore the Air Jordan 5 in the play. According to the news, this new version of the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” is expected to be released on September 25th in the second half of the year. The surrounding products that are sold together with the shoes also have two short Tees and hoods with the portrait of Will Smith’s earlier stills. Hoodies, interested friends, please also pay attention to our further sale of this shoe.
The most instantly noticeable design twist on the commemorative kicks is the striking absence of laces. Die-Hard Fresh Prince fans may recall that Smith wore the Air Jordan 5 laceless in the opening credits and throughout the show’s first season run, so Jordan Brand has removed the normal laces and lace lock, and covered all the eyelets with a premium tumbled white leather. Smith’s—and his character’s—Philly heritage is also acknowledged via a debossed “West Philadelphia” hit directly above the tongue mesh. For a finishing dash of retro flair, the shoe also boasts Fresh Prince-inspired insoles and classic Nike branding. It’s also been reported that a special Friends and Family edition of the sneaker should be revealed soon. Look for these unique Jordan 5s to arrive on September 25th—Will Smith’s 50th birthday—and let us know what you think of this alternate take on a classic Jumpman sneaker.

Air Jordan 5 Grape
September 25, 2018

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This OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 3 will be coming soon

For the topic of Virgil x NIKE manufacturing, there have been many custom color combinations and single items in our mention, followed by the manufacture of netizens.Following the Air Jordan 1 x Off White leak, comes another rumored Air Jordan Retro involving the Air Jordan 3. The Off-White Air Jordan 3 is rumored to release come Spring 2017 and is said to feature Nike Air on the heel.

Although Virgil x NIKE has created a large number of joint-name camps, for many Jordan Brand fans, it is still a little scarce for a pair of Air Jordan 1 , such as Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 5 and many others are still looking forward to. Taking this as an opportunity, the design elements of Virgil x NIKE were grafted onto the Air Jordan 3, and the Chicago color matching and bursting elements were selected. The whole thing was really easy. More importantly, the design has broken through the design drawings. The texture and style impact brought by the real thing is still remarkable, you can feel it.

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Durant’s new personal signature sneaker NIKE KD 11 is officially released

With the previous NBA Finals coming to an end, the Golden State Warriors once again won the 2018 championship. As the biggest contributor to the championship, Kevin Durant once again reunited with FMVP. To celebrate this “double happiness”, recently, the new personal signature sneakers belonging to Durant – Nike KD 11 shoes are officially released!
The KD series has always had a good reputation among NIKE’s personal signature shoes for NBA stars. The new KD 11 series was created by designer Leo Chang and KD, and everyone can feel the first requirement of Durant’s boots from this pair of sneakers – comfort. Not only continue to use the full palm ZOOM air cushion, but also the React foam together with the midsole to enhance its cushioning function. As for the upper design, the new KD 11 features a sock-style design and the usual Flyknit material, making the bag’s package not to be underestimated. At present, the shoes have been the first to release two new color schemes – “Still KD” and Nike KD 11 Paranoid, which are designed in black and white and sports blue respectively. The translucent print on the sole part is a highlight that cannot be ignored. Good value and performance, this is the new KD 11 of the real FMVP Durant!
It is reported that the KD 11 “Still KD” color will be debuted on June 18th, and the “Paranoid” color will be available for sale on June 25th. The price is $150. If you are interested in this Nike KD 11 shoes,please don’t miss it and have a look Retrojordannew to get your own shoes!

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Air Jordan 18 OG “Black/Sport Royal” Coming Soon

In January, the Air Jordan 18 was first re-engraved with the white and blue color of the Yuanzu, so that the pair of Jordan’s “last pair of boots” returned to the market, I believe that many memories of the fans. If you miss the OG for the month of January, or look forward to other OG re-enactments, now the opportunity is coming, the Air Jordan 18 Retro OG “Black Sport Royal” will be re-enacted this fall.

Dressed in a Black, Metallic Silver and Sport Royal color scheme as a nod to the Washington Wizards. This classic Air Jordan 18 will be returning in original form. Featuring a Black suede upper with a diamond-shaped piece hiding the tongue and laces branded with “23” and “Jumpman” logos. Metallic Silver upper eyelets and Royal Blue inner lining and trimming add for a nice contrast. The flaps near the ankle are inspired by the air vents of the Lamborghini Murcielago, while sitting atop a Black rubber sole.
Double Air Jordan 18 Retro OG Black Sport Royal will also return to the suede upper, will be released on October 25, priced at $ 225, if the photo is true, this will be the “Black Sport Royal” OG color matching for the first time Re-engrave, I don’t know if it will be the same as the original, and accessories such as towels.

Air Jordan 18
Black/Metallic Silver-Sport Royal
October 25, 2018

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Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 3 International Flight 136064-140 on feet

The Air Jordan 3 International Flight (Charity Game) is inspired by Michael Jordan’s classic performance in the 1988 Magic Johnson Midsummer Night Magic charity career and the Patriotic theme, the model being ready to celebrate July 4th.
Featuring a sail leather surface with gray cement details seen on the heel and foot, the shoe is contrasted with royal blue and red accents added to tongues, heels and midsole. Finally, a white rubber sole complements the design altogether.