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Air Jordan 1 ‘To My First Coach’ is a delicate spring breath

With the leaks from the end of 2020, Air Jordan 1 To My First Coach has had its first official images. In addition to the notable High antique version, To My First Coach also has a Low antique version that gives us more options. Update with Authentic Shoes now!
2021 New Air Jordan 1 To My First Coach DJ6910-100
Like the breath of spring with trendy Pastel tones. Premium leather material is combined delicately on the classic design background. However, in addition to the remarkable color scheme, this is also a pair of Air Jordan 1 Zoom.

Integrating more new and more modern technologies, Air Zoom gives users a much more comfortable experience. Especially the ankle part is treated with a thick Zoom cushion. While this is also a much debated detail as to whether it will affect the classic fashions of original Air Jordan designs.

The Swoosh seal is also not made of leather and the design is recessed inward with an internal foaming section. This also makes the Air Jordan 1 shoe easier to breathe in the summer. “To My First Coach” with both the high neck and low neck versions and subtle combinations will make things happen in the near future.

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